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Emerging Leader – Support Services Category

The AUSTAFE 2021 Emerging Leaders Support Services Award for Queensland, recognises an emerging leader in the vocational education and training system. This award is presented by AUSTAFE Queensland to an individual who has the potential to make an outstanding contribution to Australian vocational training and education over and above that which is expected by virtue of their employment. The award is for leadership rather than management or supervision, and is open to individuals aged 40 years or less at 1st January 2021.

All shortlisted nominees for the award will receive:

  • 1 year free AUSTAFE membership
  • a certificate of recognition
  • an invitation to the 2021 AUSTAFE Emerging Leaders Forum on 04 November 2021

The winner of the Queensland AUSTAFE 2021 Emerging Leader Support Services category will receive:

  • Queensland  AUSTAFE 2021 Emerging Leader sponsorship funding to attend professional development.

Note: The winner will also receive the prizes awarded to all shortlisted nominees


06 September 2021   Applications for AUSTAFE Queensland 2021 Emerging Leader Support Services Award category open

30 September 2021   Closing date for nominations

04 October 2021        Shortlisting process completed and nominees notified. Shortlisted AUSTAFE Queensland 2021 Emerging Leader Support Services nominees will be invited to attend the presentation dinner held in Brisbane on the 04 November 2021.

04 November 2021    Announcement and presentation to the Emerging Leader Support Services at the Gala Dinner event, 66 on Ernest, South Bank Campus.


The nominee will provide a response of no more than 2 pages to the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated high level personal & professional qualities including integrity and ethical behaviour
  • Demonstrated leadership capability (include examples of where you have lead projects or change processes for which you had accountability for the measurable outcome/s)
  • Contribution to innovation in the vocational education and training sector (include examples of where you have initiated or contributed to a team which led to new initiatives being implemented.eg. harnessing new educational technology)
  • Contribution to vocational education within your area of expertise (this may be at the regional or national level and/or international or joint ventures).
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development (for self and for development of others in the sector)

Your response against the selection criteria is an essential part of the short-listing process for the award. It is important to address each selection criteria specifically ensuring that you have given examples from your current or past role(s) which demonstrate how you meet each criterion.  Your response is to be limited to two pages.  You may wish to follow the STAR model when writing your responses:

  • Situation – provide a brief outline of the situation or setting
  • Task – outline what you did
  • Approach or action – outline how you did it
  • Result – describe the outcomes


Applications need to include the following:

  • Completed nomination form: below
  • Response to selection criteria: upload below
  • Nominee’s current resume: upload below



  1. The nominee must be able to demonstrate significant achievement against the criteria.
  2. Prizes are non-transferable.
  3. The award is open to any individual aged 40 years or less at 1 January 2021.
  4. The consent of the nominee must be obtained prior to their nomination.
  5. This annual award will be presented to members from Queensland each year.
  6. The award winner of the AUSTAFE Queensland will be determined by a selection panel formed by the AUSTAFE Queensland Executive Committee.
  7. The award cannot be awarded to the same person more than once.
  8. Presentations will be made at the AUSTAFE presentation dinner.
  9. AUSTAFE Queensland reserves the right to reject any nomination not complying with the guidelines and selection criteria


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